docker-compose –help你会看到如下这么多命令

build               Build or rebuild servicesbundle              Generate a Docker bundle from the Compose fileconfig              Validate and view the Compose filecreate              Create servicesdown                Stop and remove containers, networks, images, and volumesevents              Receive real time events from containersexec                Execute a command in a running containerhelp                Get help on a commandimages              List imageskill                Kill containerslogs                View output from containerspause               Pause servicesport                Print the public port for a port bindingps                  List containerspull                Pull service imagespush                Push service imagesrestart             Restart servicesrm                  Remove stopped containersrun                 Run a one-off commandscale               Set number of containers for a servicestart               Start servicesstop                Stop servicestop                 Display the running processesunpause             Unpause servicesup                  Create and start containersversion             Show the Docker-Compose version information


docker-compose up -d nginx                     构建建启动nignx容器

docker-compose exec nginx bash            登录到nginx容器中

docker-compose down                              删除所有nginx容器,镜像

docker-compose ps                                   显示所有容器

docker-compose restart nginx                   重新启动nginx容器

docker-compose run –no-deps –rm php-fpm php -v  在php-fpm中不启动关联容器,并容器执行php -v 执行完成后删除容器

docker-compose build nginx                     构建镜像 。        

docker-compose build –no-cache nginx   不带缓存的构建。

docker-compose logs  nginx                     查看nginx的日志 

docker-compose logs -f nginx                   查看nginx的实时日志

docker-compose config  -q                        验证(docker-compose.yml)文件配置,当配置正确时,不输出任何内容,当文件配置错误,输出错误信息。 

docker-compose events –json nginx       以json的形式输出nginx的docker日志

docker-compose pause nginx                 暂停nignx容器

docker-compose unpause nginx             恢复ningx容器

docker-compose rm nginx                       删除容器(删除前必须关闭容器)

docker-compose stop nginx                    停止nignx容器

docker-compose start nginx                    启动nignx容器